Our people


Veterans have valuable skills for the work place.

At CHW Forge, we hire workforce which is driven by a pool of skilled people who are empowered every day to apply their skills and dedication to find every way possible to serve you better. The endeavour to create lasting forgings and relationships is furthered by every member at CHW Forge.

We define a “true culture of quality” and develop a working environment in which employees benefit from each other and feel a sense of responsibility. From believing in philosophies like awareness and using updated technology in the industry, CHW Forge values relationship with its employees.

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The success stories are the ladder of milestones at CHW Forge

CHW Forge has seen an era where forgings were manufactured using basic machines and quality largely depended on the skills of its people to deploy latest technology which has kept us ahead of our competitors. Forgings today at CHW Forge are manufactured totally in a controlled environment.

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