Our Thinking


At CHW Forge we integrate sustainable business practices as a part of our business operations. With the objective of reducing water consumption and minimising effluents, we have embraced a Zero Discharge concept. The concept is designed to eliminate the use of all hazardous chemicals and hence achieve zero discharge in all production procedures.

Our plant is designed to ensures maximum water recycle and reuse. In this endeavour we deploy new and improved waste water treatment technologies that allow us to recycle large quantities of waste water that once went to sewers, rivers or percolation ponds. In addition, our plant has been designed from ground up with focus on water conservation. Designing a plant for zero waste water discharge right from the start has helped us win community acceptance and popularize the green initiative.

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we work towards ensuring safe products and a safe working environment for workers. With this objective, we have laid down certain guidelines, which include :-

  • Conduct regular / routine workplace inspections
  • Provide personal protective equipments
  • Develop and implement safe working practices and rules
  • Enforce safety rules and discipline
  • Provide on-going property conservation practices
  • Conducting periodic sessions on safety training for all employees

Each of our employees is responsible to follow the established safety guidelines and procedures. We ensure that even the slightest of incident is reported to the management and duly investigated. We follow an open door policy and ensure that the employees feel that their suggestions are always welcome.