The CHW Forge Brand

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Our promise
In order to retain our position as leaders in the forging industry, we promise to only use cutting edge technology and efficient methodology in order to provide you with only the best. We promise to fulfil every commitment and make your business experience and your time worthwhile.

CHW Forge emerges when technology meets strength
Even after 60 years, CHW Forge places equal focus on two very significant aspects – Manufacturing forgings of only excellent quality and providing services of the highest order. At CHW Forge, apart from our advanced technology, we possess the enhanced sense of judgement when it comes to the perfection of a particular forging. Our team inspects forging manually before it is delivered. We have the most advanced technology & infrastructure that make us the most reliable partner to cater to the needs of a fast moving industries. We are always looking for the best quality as we :-

  • believe in sustainable production
  • evolve with technology to deliver the best
  • maintain deadlines to never disappoint you
  • excel to ensure flawless manufacturing
  • we re-invent everyday

Our Forgings
CHW Forge got the opportunity to work with the Indian defence segment for their prestigious products like BrahMos and Akash missiles.

As we cater to the best, we believe in providing sustainable solutions. CHW Forge has emphasised on developing a systematic, long-range, industry-wide program which has led to curtailment of air pollution and carbon emission. We are green in our approach and yet strive for accuracy to achieve expertise in every product that we roll out of our units.

  • We have overcome challenges to create a lasting legacy of sustainability
  • We strive to deliver unparalleled value, through a delightful customer service culture and a wide array of forging capabilities
  • We deploy the most advanced machinery and technology including state of the art Radial-Axial Ring Rolling Machine and company-wide ERP System
  • We meet your requirement with utmost perfection by bringing precision to life itself

Our relationships
Tapping the world with our global network, CHW forge is trusted to lead with skilled manforce proving operational benchmarks. It has been riding the wave of success that is inextricably linked with its vision of being the leader. Your needs shall always be in good hands of highly skilled employees and as we are one step ahead in terms of technology from the others, a right choice to keep you moving forward.

We are down to earth, fast and reliable to be one of the perfect forging partners in the industry. Our dedicated focus has held the company in good stead as it has successfully built, managed and grown relationships with some of the biggest names across industry.

Walk into our world of commitment fostering some of the best working relationships