CHW Upgraded itself with Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013 and Implemented Costing Module based on Activity Based Costing (ABC).

With increasing globalization, businesses are constantly changing and adopting efficient and Pl technologies to stay competitive. The market and customers expect error free services and hence, companies have to rely on efficient technologies which can deliver need based results in no time. This ever-evolving process has changed the way people have been working. Manual processes have been replaced by highly automated production lines and use of computers and reliability on technology has become inevitable.

CHW Forge has always been seeking ways to make things better and do things smarter. They believe that there is always a scope of improvement in everything. Recently CHW Forge has upgraded their ERP systems with Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013 and have also implemented costing module based on Activity Based Costing (ABC) method.

This will help to maintain manufacturing and business processes more efficiently and contribute to the online cost management system. This implementation will provide information and analysis i.e. capacity utilization, productivity analysis, product costing, budgetary control and marginal costing for optimization of resources, cost reduction and various managerial decisions. It will also be helpful to carry out functions like planning, coordination and control to gain real time visibility into the business performance.
Going forward, CHW Forge wants to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and consistently adopts State-of-the-Art technologies and machines for its operations. Thus, CHW Forge is a unique company which combines the best of technologies with the skills of hand and eye to master the art of forgings.