Inauguration of New LPG Gas Bank

CHW Forge is now equipped with a newly designed, state of the art LPG gas bank and pipeline. In our continued efforts to improve and innovate, we have now switched from PNG gas to LPG gas to power over 60% of our operations using LPG gas as our primary form of energy. This effort was made to ‘de-risk’ our manufacturing operations and shift our total dependence on PNG gas. We now possess the capability to use either source of energy in case the other is not available and ensure uninterrupted operations and provide on-time delivery.

The following are some of the features and value addition to our product made by the new LPG gas bank:

  1. Attaining a better calorific value of 11800 Kcal/KG compared to PNG which is only 9000 Kcal/Kg.
  2. Minimal space usage to house 16 Hippo cylinders, each carrying 425 Kilograms.
  3. Installation of the Auto Change-Over System with SMS to ensure a continued supply of energy.
  4. 1 Electrical and 1 heater-less Vaporizer with a capability of converting 750 Kilograms per hour of gas.
  5. A well designed, high pressure gas train and liquid separator has also been installed.
  6. A state of the art firefighting system designed to flow 10.2 Litres/Minute/Square Meters of water along with a remote facility.
  7. There are 10 high sensitivity LPG gas detectors to ensure safety and prevent any fire accidents.