Alloys and highest-quality materials aren’t just an industry perk, but a necessity in most of today’s markets. We cater to all heavy industries, providing steel, aluminum, and other alloy solutions to private and public organizations in the transportation, energy, infrastructure, and defense markets – and in each of these, the quality and purity of our product is our representative in the kind of service we choose to offer: a sound, trusted, and long-lasting bond between company and client.

Here at CHW Forge, our products are rolled and pressed for engineers in the aerospace market, the defense industry, and the mining complex; we bring in the metal needed for shipbuilding, nuclear power generation, and research institutes alike. No industry is the same, but every single one of our markets share one aspect – the necessity for quality. There is no room for errors in the world of power generation or mass transportation, and we strive to uphold a level of quality that perfectly reflects that attention to detail.

Under the scrutiny of the free market, we’ve fought our way through to proving our superiority as a leading supplier for some of the world’s most dangerous and competitive markets. We understand that catering to these markets requires understanding the exact, fine-tuned specifications and standards that make up the excellence these industries are known for.

By working with us, you can count on our record delivery times and assured quality to provide you with the steel and aluminum alloys you’ll need for your turbines, reactors, pressure vessels and engines alike.