Every aspect of modern society calls for the forge – and what used to be the work and trade of the lonesome village blacksmith has grown into a list of extremely specific processes and forging capabilities, capabilities which we here at CHW Forge pride ourselves in.

Our first and foremost expertise lies in the supplying and sourcing of alloys for various industries, ranging from heavy equipment and engine production to turbine and vessel production in the power generation and aerospace markets alike.

While we specialize in heat treatment, materials testing for any faults, and open-die forge production, we also offer a wide range of alloys and forging services for any industry and personal need. Our fully integrated metals service centre is designed to take on the task of ingot and billet forging, as well as custom-designed machined products and heat treatment to withstand any number of severe environmental factors.

By working with us, we can help you shape any piece of alloy into the right dimensions for your industry, while upholding our strict standards. Providing forgings is a very customer-specific industry, and we have learned to work within the most competitive and demanding markets in the world as a result of our experience.

Here at CHW Forge, our on-site engineers and metallurgists will do their best to assist you and work with you to achieve the exact specifications your industry requires. You can be rest assured that if it’s a forging you require, we are the forge to go to.