1. We shall be an equal opportunity employer. We shall not discriminate between people based on their religion, gender, race, color and language.

2. We shall commit what we can deliver and deliver what we have committed.

3. We shall not, through any action or communication, change customer expectations from existing and agreed contract.

4. We shall not use any means to promote our products other than quality of product, service, delivery capability and price advantage.

5. We shall not use any customer specific information we have gained in the course of our business, to our customer’s detriment or to unduly influence business outcomes.

6. We shall abide by all aspect of the statutory and regulatory framework established by the government.

7. We shall consider merit as the sole differentiation in our business with our suppliers.

8. We shall not undertake any political activities nor take sides with any political entity.

9. We shall abide by all laws and cooperate in the conveyance of justice in case the need arises.

10. We shall never ask any of our people, singly or jointly, to engage in any activity, which subverts common business conduct, in order to garner undue advantage vis-à-vis our competitors.

11. We shall never, by words or by action, deride our competitors or use our knowledge of their processes to prejudice customers.

12. We shall not agree to any considerations, in any transactions, other than that contracted in the course of our business.

13. We shall maintain our books of accounts transparently and comply with good accounting practices.


CHW Forge aims to be the leader in forging industry by adopting the latest technology and is committed to deliver highest value to all the stakeholders. CHW Forge undertakes to effectively implement in consultation and with participation of its workers to continually improve Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)
Management System. CHW Forge commits to comply with all applicable legal & other requirements”.


  • Focus on customers by providing quality products and on-time delivery
  • Increase revenue and reduce rework & rejection
  • Prevent injury, pollution and ill health