Titanium Forging

Forged Titanium for Excellent Durability & Corrosion Resistance

Forged titanium has excellent strength as well as corrosion resistance. It is one of the most bio-compatible among all metal variants. Out of the mined titanium minerals, almost 95% is used for manufacturing titanium dioxide. This is a pigment that gets used in paints, cosmetics and even plastics. The remaining 5% of minerals get refined to make titanium metal.

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Advantages of Forged Titanium

Forged titanium has anti-corrosive properties and hence it can be used in marine, saltwater environments and off-shore requirements. Titanium forging is heavily used in applications that are required in aerospace, industrial units, naval etc. This is because it is capable of withstanding any kind of intense conditions or harsh environments. It has the highest strength to density ratio within the metallic elements range.

Titanium Forging Products

Some of the products that can be assembled using titanium forging include submarines, ships, heat exchangers, aircraft, rockets, helicopters, pressure vessels etc. There are three types of titanium forging alloys, mainly alpha alloys, beta alloys and alpha-beta alloys. The alpha alloys are designed to be resistant even at elevated temperatures, which can sometimes exceed 535°C (1000°F). The alpha-beta alloys include a combination of alpha and transformed beta microstructures, which are at room temperature. The beta alloys contain sufficient alloy content that helps to retain the beta phase at room temperature.

Things to Consider

During the process of titanium forging, it is important to maintain continuous quality control. Since titanium is considered to be highly reactive to oxygen it must be protected well during the forging process. This helps in halting any form of contamination by oxygen or other elements like carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen.

Forged titanium is made by a certain process that results in specific shape after the application of force. In this process, the metal is given shape as well as improvised directional strength. In recent years, the demand for titanium forging has seen a significant rise because of the increasing demand for titanium and titanium alloys in aircraft and aerospace segments. This spike has also seen a sudden rise in the number of titanium forging suppliers in the industry.

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