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CHW Forge, formerly known as Chaudhry Hammer Works was established in 1956. It is South Asia’s finest forging company known for its renowned quality and on time delivery.Our specialised skills and vast experience makes us the pioneer of forging manufacturing. Our excellent products serve as a benchmark for other manufacturers. Read More

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Ordering Benefits CHW Forge is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of products. Our Product line includes high quality forgings of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex steel and aluminium alloy. We cater to multiple sectors across the globe.

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Q1) What is Forging?

Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using external forces like hammering, pressing, or rolling etc.

Q2)What is forged metal?

Forged metal is stronger and more reliable than castings and plate material due to the fact that the grain flows in the forgings are altered and closer to the shape of the part.

Q3) What is a forging press?

Forging press is a process that uses a vertical ram to apply force on the Job to get the desired shape.

Q4) Why is forging done?

Forging is used in mechanical and industrial applications due to its strength and availability, and due to the existence of specialized alloys such as stainless and carbon steel. Steel forging offers unsurpassed strength for the manufacture of parts.

Q5) What are the types of forging?

Forging is classified according to the temperature at which it is performed one is cold forging (Cold working at room temperature or less that recrystallization temperature) other is hot forging (Hot working above recrystallization temperature).

Q6) What is the difference between cold forging and hot forging?

Cold forging consists of deforming a metal material at room temperature by applying very high pressure. While hot forging is done after heating of material at suitable formable temperature above recrystallization.

Q7) What is the difference between press forging and drop hammer forging?

The basic difference is in the press forging controlled pressure and steady load is applied while a series of Impact load is applied in case of drop hammer forging.