Veterans have valuable skills for the work place.
At CHW Forge, we create workforce which is driven by a group of skilled people who are empowered every day to apply their skills and dedication to find every way possible to serve you better. The endeavour to create lasting forgings and relationships is furthered by every member of CHW Forge. We like perfection and our skilled personnel love working on the best technology and the infrastructure that we exhibit. Your order shall always be in good hands of highly trained employees as we strive to be your perfect partner in excellence of forging.

We define a “true culture of quality” and develop a working environment in which employees benefit from each other and feel a sense of responsibility. From believing in philosophies like awareness and using latest technology in the industry, CHW Forge values relationship with its employees.

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The success stories are the ladder of milestones at CHW Forge.The company has seen an era where forgings were manufactured using basic machines and quality largely depended on the skills of its people to deploy latest technology which has kept us ahead of our competitors. Forgings today at CHW Forge are manufactured totally in a controlled environment. Placed at a perfect location, we follow a simple policy of being disciplined and hard working to deliver the best on time.

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We at CHW Forge, effortlessly bring in sustainable workforce cultivating strong team leaders to serve our clients better. The company’s diverse groups and department skills are the pillars which relentlessly work to achieve the best. At every step, we value our dedicated force, help their potential through regular training, hire employees with wide experience and encourage them to contribute persistently to generate long term relationship with our stakeholders.

Everything that we do at CHW Forge, is driven through the relationships of our stakeholders where our dedicated team of professionals are the epitome of the company. We are one step ahead as we reinforce the understanding with every stakeholder of our business with ontime delivery, transparency and dedication. We are down to earth, fast and work towards perfection in a disciplined manner. We cooperate and value our relationship till the delivery of the product and beyond, making us your perfect partner for forgings.

As Dee Hock, the founder and former CEO of Visa Credit Cards Association said, “An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it”. At CHW Forge, our aim is to relentlessly work on upgrading our people.