CHWForge Technology

We being the most reliable forge master at every stage of product design, development and manufacturing, quality control, is carried out meticulously. At CHW Forge, world class manufacturing units are set up to ensure precision, perfection and timely delivery of orders. Empowered by the state of the art technology, the system has stringent quality control policies adding value to the production process.

Ring Rolling Machine

With a fully technologically integrated Ring Rolling Machine, forgings are produced in a controlled environment and a very narrow range of temperature. At CHW forge, we manufacture rolled rings (with and without profile on the outer and inner diameter) and flanges with reduced input weight, higher reduction ratio, desired grain flow along the rolled profile and improved mechanical properties. By deployment of this technology, we achive :-

  • High yield
  • Less wastage
  • Near net shape

Fully Automatic Hydraulic Press 4000T

Dealing with precise, competitive and quality oriented products, at CHW Forge, we invest a lot in technology that is accurate and performance efficient. Since the press is fully automatic, the cycle time to make the pre-form is very short and efficient.

  • The pre-forms for the Ring Mill are made expediently without losing temperature
  • The press has three working stations with a moving bolster
  • The in-built manipulator of the press has a capacity to lift preforms up to weight of 5000kg
  • The press has a capacity to pierce a hole in the middle of the preform

Automatic Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press 3800 MT 

This open die forging press is a very stiff and rugged under the floor press, also known as pull down press having an extremely low center of gravity. The pull down concept also provides a clean forging area with excellent accessibility. The press has extraordinary dynamics and a speed of 215mm/s and has 110 strokes per minute. A rail bound manipulator on one side and a mobile manipulator on the other side of the press can be remotely controlled simultaneously by the press operator from the control desk.
This unique press can be used for various forging processes:

  • High speed open die forging
  • Forging of large rings and sleeves through saddling process
  • Direct upsetting
  • Sequential upsetting on a rotating table
  • Straightening of shafts
  • Punching and piercing of forged billets

Heating Furnaces

CHW Forge continuously strive to install latest technology to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Our forge shop is equipped with modern gas fired and electric operated furnaces. The furnaces can be operated up to 1270 degree centigrade.

40 MT Car bottom gas fired reheating furnace with regenerative flat flame burners

This furnace is equipped in lightweight design for a flexible operation and with air-preheating for an economic operation. An essential advantage of this furnace, especially when using high-quality material, is that no overheating at the surfaces occurs and therefore an optimum homogeneous heating can be guaranteed.

30 MT Chamber gas fired reheating furnace with regenerative flat flame burners

The furnace is fired by 4 regenerative burners which are arranged above the material on the roof of the furnace. Due to the number of burners and their arrangement, an optimum distribution of the burner performance over the entire furnace area is assured. Each burner is provided with a regenerator for pre-heating of the combustion air up to approx. 1100 degree centigrade. The burner is controlled in AM-REGTAKT mode which ensures the maximum heating before the burner starts.

5 MT Car Bottom Electrically Heated Furnace

The furnace is provided with Silicon Carbide type heating elements located on all the 6 sides of the furnace including the floor and the door. This is a car bottom furnace which can be driven out with very high speed thereby saving the heat energy. This furnace is capable of meeting heat uniformity even at a temperature of 1250 degree centigrade. This furnace is suitable for heating of exotic materials, super alloys, titanium etc.

10 MT Chamber Electrically Heated Furnace

This is an electrically heated fixed hearth type furnace. It is suitable for heating aluminium alloys. The temperature
uniformity is maintained with the help of 2 centrifugal flow type re-circulation fan located at the roof of the furnace for
efficient circulation of hot air inside the heating chamber.

Heat Treatment Facilities

Working with heat and such high temperatures not only requires technology but endurance to support such high temperatures. The furnaces are capable of normalizing, hardening, tempering, annealing and hydrogen flanking.

The unit is equipped with water quenching tank for carrying out solution annealing and oil quenching tank for carrying out the hardening and tempering process. Electric and Gas operated reheating and heat treatment furnaces are installed with drop bottom facility to process aluminium alloys.


To support the ODF press, we have the latest manipulators to facilitate the manufacture of forged products. These manipulators are supplied by Dango & Dienenthal, Germany. In the past manipulators were normally built with heavy structure to make them rigid. The high weight of the machine made the manipulator sluggish and slow. The new compact design ensures that the manipulator is strong and rigid and has fast movements without losing rigidity.

30 MT Rail Bound Forging Manipulator
Our open die forge shop is equipped with Rail bound forging manipulator of 30 MT carrying capacity and maximum tongs moment of 60 Ton-Mtr.

14 MT Mobile Forging Manipulator
The 14 MT Mobile forging manipulator has a maximum carrying capacity of 14 MT and maximum tongs moment of 24 Ton-Mtr.

2 MT Mobile Manipulator
In order to handle small forgings and move the hot stock in a very short span of time between the furnace and the press, this Diesel – hydraulic driven mobile forging manipulator comes very handy, especially for handling titanium, aluminum and exotic alloys. This is also from Dango & Dienenthal, Germany.

Machining Equipments

At CHW Forge, the technology is given utmost importance and we work towards manufacturing the best of the forging for various industrial sectors. The machine at the unit is equipped with a range of CNC Machining Centers, Vertical Turning Lathes and other allied machines. We have the capability to supply forgings in fully machined conditions and controlled environment.

With implementation of an integrated ERP system, we maintain accurate control on material, production planning and inspections while advanced communication systems ensure fast information exchange between the company and its customers. Being always a step ahead, CHW forge has been implementing latest technology to maintain an effective Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management System and simplify Raw Material Inventory Management System to gain real time visibility into the business performance.

Over the years, we have evolved in our approach from being product-centric to customer-centric. In an evolving era for CHW forge, the manufacturing business processes now include customer at the center of their system which initiated the need of ERP software. This not only takes care of the ongoing flow of communication between marketing, production, and customers but could also bring together information from all data sources, internal and external to give one holistic view of each customer in real time.

Investing in high end and best technologies is what CHW forge has been deploying over the years to maintain its quality standards. The latest production equipments: Radial-axial Ring Rolling Machine (SMS Meer GmbH, Germany, formerly known as Wagner Banning), Hydraulic Forging Press with Slide rotating device for incremental forging (Schuler SMG GmbH, Germany), Charging Machines & Manipulators (Dango & Dienenthal, Germany), CNC VTL Machines (Youji, Taiwan), VMC (Hardford, Taiwan), CNC Ring Saw Machine (Behringer GmbH, Germany).

The company is always willing to invest in capital equipment keeping in mind the ever changing needs of the customer.