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Forging Products
CHW Forge manufactures a wide range of steel forging products which find application across diverse industries. Forgings from the company are helping run some of the most valuable companies across the world today.

As one of Southeast Asia’s top providers of alloy and forging services, we at CHW Forge pride ourselves in one thing above all else: quality. One part of upholding that commitment to quality is upholding a commitment to our customers – by offering them the widest possible array of forging products & parts to serve them in applications across a diverse set of industries. You can count on us to deliver carbon steel forgings, alloy steel forgings and stainless steel forgings, meeting the most stringent quality standards.

We cater to the energy market, as well as the transportation, infrastructure and defense markets – as such, our company’s forging applications span across some of the world’s most important projects and industries. We are fully aware that our utmost commitment to quality isn’t just a sign of excellence – in this industry, it’s a given. And as a company with its fair share of experience, we’ve always ensured that our forging products were of the highest quality.

From aluminum forgings, to hollow forgings, rings and gear rings, and self-reinforced nozzles – every single one of our products, whether produced in one of our specialized casts or as an open-die forge, comes with our guarantee for a long-lasting product.

Our products are meant to withstand untold amounts of pressure and heat, and we design them as such. Stress relieved, heat treated and in an aged condition, all our products measure up to the latest safety and quality standards set for their respective industries, and we offer our products both as made-to-order and sold from stock.

We also offer our clients a number of custom shapes and forges, even in complex forms for all forging needs including carbon steel forgings, alloy steel forgings and stainless steel forgings. Whether it’s for research and development or a specialized machinery, our forges can take care of your forging needs. Often, we collaborate with entire engineering teams to create new complex shapes, to further push the boundaries of innovation in our industry.

To ensure that you know what kind of quality product you can expect from us here at CHW Forge, feel free to schedule a factory visit to give our operation a peek and see for yourself what kind of an effort we pour into our company.



Q1) What are the forged products?

Forged products are the result of the procedure where a piece of metal is customized into the desired geometrical shapes with the usage of mechanical or thermal energy and heat at large. The process mentioned above increases the durability ensures the quality and makes it prone to excessive pressure.

Q2) What is forged alloy steel?

Forged alloy steel is something that has a minor amount of silicon. Copper, titanium. Aluminium and many more elements along with carbon which adds on to the product’s content. Alloy steel can also go through a heat treatment which would further increase its durability and enhance flexibility.

Q3) What is the forging process?

Forging is the process where a piece of metal is exposed to different temperatures (room, cold or heat), and it is being reshaped by using pressure. It is used extensively across the globe to increase the strength and capacity of a machine.

Q4) Is stainless steel stronger than forged steel?

Stainless steel is primarily refined and shiny, but the forged steel is stronger because of the different molecular structure and grain makeover. The difference is the result of the manufacturing process as forged steel is meant to be well-built while the other is not corrosive.

Q5) Is carbon steel the same as forged steel?

Forged steel is a process to customize the shape of a metal by using external force. Carbon steel, on the other hand, is a modern vocabulary used to make commoners understand that the steel being talked about is not a ‘stainless’ one.

Q6) Is stainless steel suitable for forging?

Forging stainless steel intensifies its quality and durability along with higher weight-holding capacity. Since it is anti-corrosion and also resists heat, this is the most preferred choice of the manufacturers to supply standard products meeting customer demands.

Q7) What does forged stainless steel means?

Forged stainless steel is the manufacturing technique that provides the best quality products since it resists corrosion and heat. With the rough and different molecular structure, it also curves well, which meets tough-ends besides having an appealing and polished look